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Shop for homes with confidence with a Certified Pre-Approval




In today’s highly competitive, low inventory market, a review of your financial picture is the first step in getting a mortgage. 


But there’s no standard language for loan approvals. Approval, pre-approval and pre-qualification are often used interchangeably – but they don’t mean the same thing. 


Allen Tate Mortgage offers a Certified Pre-Approval. This comprehensive review of a buyer’s finances and credit worthiness results in a conditional commitment for a specific loan amount, subject to appraisal and approval of the buyer’s desired property. 


With a Certified Pre-Approval by Allen Tate Mortgage, you can shop for homes with confidence and close faster when you find the right home to purchase. 





What you’ll need to start the process

You'll need to show your lender with proof of income and to verify this you'll  provide the following:

  • W-2’s from the last two years and your two most recent pay stubs
  • Last two months of bank statements of all asset accounts
  • If you're using gift funds for the down payment you'll need to provide a gift letter proving the money isn't a loan
  • Driver’s license and social security number



How long will the process take?

The Certified Pre-Approval process typically takes three to five days (the underwriter typically needs this much time to review your file).



Now what?

Your mortgage consultant will be in touch as soon as the Certified Pre-Approval is complete! 






All loans subject to credit approval.  Please consult with your mortgage lender to receive a Loan Estimate before proceeding with your loan.  A Loan Estimate will disclose the interest rate and APR which is determined by the current market rate on the loan program that you choose. LLC  (NMLS # 1433719) | 8640 University Executive Park Dr. | Charlotte, NC  28262